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  1. H

    Grow tray alternatives & options

    Typical grow trays/flood basins like those made by Botanicare are obviously designed for ebb and flow systems. I have been using 2 4x4' Botanicare trays for a few years and want to expand, but they are expensive and shipping is ridiculous. I'm not growing in a pure hydroponic fashion (coir in...
  2. Ron Strider

    MD: Salisbury Facility Receives Medical Marijuana Dispensary License

    A facility in Salisbury received a medical marijuana dispensary license from the state this week. On Monday, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) unanimously approved a dispensary license to Peninsula Alternative Health, located on Snow Hill Road in Salisbury. Anthony Darby, CEO of...
  3. 420Greening

    Michigan Medical Marijuana Doctors

    There are only two that I have personally worked with and can recommend. Alternative Solutions Plus (ASP) has clinics across the state and will happily assist patients be fully organized with the required documents before the visit. I have known them to offer discounts to low income...
  4. W

    Canadian growers alternative to Fox Farm products

    So since us canucks are unable to source this "amazing" soil is there a viable alternative in canada? :50::50:
  5. H

    Rockwool Alternative

    So my friend suggested me this piece of... i dont even know what it is, some kind of moss. He said it's perfect for Cuttings and i should really try it, but im not sure. Does anyone of you have experience with this? Ive seen it in garden shop's but im afraid of mold, since i am...
  6. R

    Massachusetts: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Proposed In Saugus

    Alternative Therapies in Salem is hard to find. It's off the main thoroughfares, tucked between woods, a dilapidated factory and train tracks flanked by stacks of old railroad ties. Unless you're looking for it, it's easy to miss the small white sign marking the entrance to the first medical...
  7. J

    J.A.H.C. Now Open in San Clemente!

    Justified Alternative Healing Medical Collective 1450 N. El Camino Real, Suite C San Clemente, Ca 92672 FULL MENU BELOW: STRAIN: TYPE: 1. Super Diesel INDICA *2. NY SOUR DIESEL INDICA 3. PURP MASTER KUSH...
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