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    Fusion Bright 315 ballast IR control question

    Hello growers I have the fusion digital balist for the 315w cmh it has an ir remote to control the dimmer as well as a on off mode , after reading about the dangers of useing the off the shelf 15 amp timers I was wondering if any one makes a timer that would control my lights via the ir sensor ?
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    Electricity and AMP

    Hey all ! Im planning on running a 400watt grow room . My line can run 16 AMP max , should I worry ? I spoke with an electrician , he said it is nearly impossible to add another 16 break , to a final 32 line . Im just starting with the growing thing , and i really wouldnt want to burn my...
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    Looking for advice on my setup

    Power usage: 3x Mars600 : ~7a 8" 745 CFM inline fan : 0.9a 8" 420 CFM fan : 0.35a total amp : ~8.25 amp What I'm planning to do for power: 1 of 2 wall socket: Timer -> surge protector -> 3x lights 2 of 2 wall socket: thermostat -> outlet splitter -> 2x fan I'm planning to exhaust out my window...