1. Ants


  2. Ants


    Sooo while moving pots in my bud room, tiny carpenter ants. Ugh wtf
  3. B

    Please identify this bug

    This is my outdoor plant second week into flowering , Can you please identify this bug their color is brown and they are gathering below flower, So many ants are also sitting below flowers. But I couldn't find any ants in soil. Any tips to get rid of them will be highly appreciated. Thanks...
  4. M

    Ant problem with soil?

    have anyone had an issue with ants in the your pot? i am not 100% sure but i am getting the feeling ants are making a nest inside of my smart pots. does anyone know a way to get rid of ants? i am was thinking of trying orange guard.
  5. Zafu

    Week 8 First Grow - Questions & Concerns

    Greetings all, Long time reader & fan of this site; first time posting. Have to say what an incredible resource these forums are and by far the best on-line community for Marijuana I've found. :thanks: My son and I both have medical marijuana cards for health reasons in the state of...
  6. J

    I have ants

    Hi, I have noticed that I have ants in my soil... More than just one or two...Is there anything that I can pour on my soil to rid of them that won't hurt my plant(which is only a young seedling at this point)?? Anything organic maybe? Im pretty sure the ants are living in the soil. Please let me...
  7. S


    Hello Did a quick search of the forums and oddly enough Ants did not return any results. I've got numerous books that suggest cinnamon and ant baits should be enough to rid yourself of this issue. I've tried cinnamon mixed with gnatrol in watering, thinking that would kill any larvae that...
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