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  1. S

    White Widow auto blume

    Hi everyone, first time poster, first time grower. Crop King White Widow auto flower. In the ground, outside in pots, in a greenhouse. fertilizing with 18-18-21. Beautiful, bushy healthy plants....but no flowers. Lots of light, a little breeze, nice and warm. What am I doing wrong?
  2. K

    White Widow Auto - First Public Journal

    I have been lurking for a while and appreciate this community for it's sharing of information... I'll be playing catch up a bit since I'm about 2+ weeks from harvest, but I have been keeping daily diligent hand-written notes and taking pictures the whole time, so I will do my best to...
  3. N

    Auto-flower seeds

    just curious as to what light cycles are used for the auto-flower crop king seeds
  4. mreko

    Tuesday's Horror Stories - Auto flower main stem snapped

    :yikes: This is the story of Two Auto Flowers - Day 26 One left untouched, looks really good and healthy. The other one Low Stress Trained, healthy and strong until today. I woke up and almost have a heart attack, the main stem was snapped, almost fully! She has 7 nodes and she is now injured...
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