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    Teddi Does AutoColorado Cookies In Soil With LEDs

    Hello guys! I just want to share my AutoColorado cookies by Dutch Passion grow with you. Setup: Hanspanel 80W (Cree LED) VEG 2 x MarsHydro 48 reflector (100W) FLOWER 8 Liter Airpots Supermarket soil pimped with perlite Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients (PH perfect) Grow Bloom...
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    Grow 3 - 10 Recent Auto Strains - LEDs Mars Hydro II 1200 - Box 120x120/4x4

    Project for 1 grow session Organic goes without saying. It is even "almost vegan". Fast Buds (Auto) California Snow, Fast Buds (Auto) West Coast Og, Fast Buds (Auto) Girl Scout Cookies, Fast Buds (Auto) Mexican Airline (gift pack) Sweet Seeds Cream Mandarine XL Auto, Sweet Seeds Jack...