autoflower stealth grow

  1. Dloe

    Check Out My Indoor Plants

    Progress so far . Day 28. I'm using ocean forest fox farms in 3 gallon root pouches. I want to grow and make a living someday out of it. Please inspire me! I have a 2x4 tent and grow with out my parents knowing . Don't be concerned for me I am prepared for the worst. So this grow journal...
  2. Howell

    Howell's - Perpetual - LED - Mixed Strain - Grow

    Hi guys, I'm here with another grow. Well before we begin, please bare in mind that I'm starting this grow at almost a week into the flowering stage of two of my plants because i didn't have time to post anything. Ok then, we can now get started . Number of plants - 3 Indica dominant Autos...
  3. Madmunchies

    #1 Stealth Dresser Growbox - Afghan Kush Ryder Auto By WoS - CFL/LST/Scrog

    Hello fellow stoners, growers and the rest of the 420 community, this would be my first actual indoor grow and journal, ever. As well as my first post on this wonderful forum, although I have been lurking around for a while before actually deciding to create an account and join everybody else...
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