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    ON: Marijuana Dispensaries Closed On Gladstone Avenue And In Blackburn Hamlet

    A couple of Ottawa's marijuana dispensaries have closed. The Capital Essence shop on Innes Road has been closed since Nov. 4, the day police raided half a dozen dispensaries across town, according to a nearby business owner. "I guess they took a bit of a fright," said the owner, who didn't...
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    ON: A Few More Marijuana Dispensaries Go Up In Smoke In Toronto

    Toronto Police have executed another round of raids, forcing three marijuana dispensary shops to close their doors. In total, six people were arrested. The shops include "Section 56," at 912 Danforth Avenue, "S.W.E.D.," at 988 Pape Avenue, and "S.W.E.D.," at 1898 Danforth Avenue. During...