1. Basement Prod

    Durban Poison first grow and potential issue

    Hi I am new. Starting to grow Durban Poison, plant is currently one week old and one leaf is showing discoloration at the tips and the tips are starting to curl up a little. May just be paranoid or maybe the start of something not sure. Growing in soil in a solo cup under a 20 watt CFL about 5...
  2. T

    Yet Another Noobie Saying Hello

    Hi there All, I've been lurking around here for a few months and have liked the style of the place and the expertise, so I thought I'd better register and attempt to join in. I'm on my second grow only, indoors in a smallish tent with hydroponics and LED. I have to be away from the grow...
  3. A

    Keep dog away

    Hi there. any tips for keeping your dog away from your plants outdoors aside from blocking it off
  4. TorturedSoul

    Do HPS Bulbs Age When NOT Used?

    I have a 400-watt HPS bulb around here somewhere. It was only used for a relatively short time (I'd estimate less than 200 hours - but certainly less than 400). At that point, I shut down and packed it away. That was several years ago. Can I reasonably expect this bulb to perform as well as it...
  5. C

    Going away how to do with curing & harvest?

    Hello! i am at the moment growing Durban Poision Auto. and im not sure if i will be able to finish it before going away for 5 weeks! but if i do havrest it, how can i make so it doesn't get bad until i come home ?, i can't cure it right ? because i have to open the lid everyday for 4 weeks right ??
  6. Lilface2016

    First Timer Indoor Soil Grow!

    600watt 6k solistek; air cooled hood, with 6" fan and ducting moving the hot air out. Running 18-6 for veg, and about a week away from flowering. Took clones from bag-seed #1 (aka-face) working on the other girl!
  7. C

    6 Weeks In Flower - 7 Days Without Power In DWC - Please Help

    I'm currently about 6 weeks into flower with my feminized wonder woman. I went away last week and the day after I left the house the circuit breaker the grow room is on popped thus the plant has been sitting in a dark room and in a res with no oxygen for 7 days. I got back yesterday and...
  8. T

    Went away for weekend and this happened?

    Hey guys, my plant is going to be harvested in the next few days. Went away for the weekend and gave it water with no nutrients to try and flush it. I came back after two light cycles and this is what I saw :/ Has anyone got an idea what's wrong?
  9. W

    Green Crack Closet Grow Troubleshoot?

    Hey Guys, I am doing my first indoor closet grow and have started to run into some issues lately. I started the green crack from seed in a red solo cup with soil that had a 30 10 10 NPK content. I started with 4 26 watt cfl lights on the plant and had them around 2 inches away. I have since...
  10. xave420

    Hurt to have a Citronella candle burning a few feet away from plants?

    was wondering if it would benefit in keeping pests away?
  11. S

    Switching lights mid veg

    Anyone know if this will cause shock. Light is 32 inches away.
  12. R

    How Far Away Is Medical Marijuana In Louisiana?

    While the Louisiana Legislature considers expanding the list of illnesses that could be treated with medical marijuana, Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain warns that they could still be years away from turning out a product for patients. Strain says while LSU and Southern Universities are...
  13. C

    Mars 2 900

    how far should I keep my mars2900 away from canopys all through stages
  14. H

    Ever grown these strains?

    Has anybody grew BlackBerry kush auto- fastbuds Green crack- fastbuds I'm looking for an autoflower that will blow me away lol, so let me know yall
  15. OEF Vet 11B

    Seedlings under 400W MH

    I recently upgraded to 2 tents. One 600w hps and one 400wmh. Due to where I live I'm skeptical of running another light... my old t5 to veg seedlings under. My 400w mh is about 3 ft away from soil. They're just starting to sprout sof I'm getting kind of antsy.
  16. Away

    Away's Second Grow - DIY - Mars II TopLED 400W (80x5W) - 2015

    Hello and welcome to my second journal. :peace: This journal will cover the year 2015's grows on my behalf. To sum it up shortly.. I build the cabin myself and a description of how can be found in the first pages of my first grow journal (link in my signature). The idea of my grow is...
  17. Away

    Away's First Grow - DIY Closet Grow - TopLED Mars II 80x5 - 2014

    Hi guys, thanks for stopping by my journal.. :Namaste: This is going to be my first grow I've read alot around this forum for a long time, checked out a load of journals, also on youtube but that is all the experience i have so be patient, i am still learning A LOT! :-) In this journal i'm...
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