1. Katelyn Baker

    ME: Bangor Approves A Moratorium On Recreational Marijuana

    Bangor, Maine - Bangor city council members voted unanimously Tuesday night to put a six-month moratorium in place if Question 1 is passed next week. The moratorium would put a temporary ban on establishing marijuana-related social clubs and businesses in the city. Those that are open now that...
  2. Katelyn Baker

    ME: Bangor Councilors To Consider Moratorium On Marijuana Social Clubs

    Bangor could be joining the list of communities with a temporary ban on recreational marijuana clubs. City councilors will meet next week to talk about whether to approve a six-month moratorium. It comes ahead of a vote in November on a ballot question to make recreational pot legal. If...
  3. Katelyn Baker

    ME: Bangor Wants Research Before Deciding Potential Marijuana Restrictions

    Bangor, Maine - Bangor plans to start studying how cities and towns in other states have reacted to the legalization of marijuana before figuring out what, if any, restrictions to set for businesses that want to sell it. City leadership hopes to get the ball rolling before the November...
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