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    Getting ready to mix raw bio-char with compost to inoculate it.
  2. A

    Coco with biochar in place of perlite or growstones?

    Anyone using biochar in their coco in place of perlite and/or growstones? If so can you tell me the ratio you’re using and how you like it? Are you having any pH issues (depending on biochar feedstock)? I’ve read a lot of articles and seen the database from Davis - just looking for some live...
  3. Timmo

    Making biochar!

    I just made a great big batch of biochar. I haven't learned how to use it yet, but it was kind of fun to make, so I thought I'd share some pics. We had a willow tree fall down this winter, so I cut up a bunch of the branches and twigs and put them in a room with a dehumidifier...
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