blue mystic auto

  1. I

    Completed Insom's First Grows! Blue Mystic Auto, Soil, Custom Bucket Setup With LEDs

    I've been meaning to start this, and now seems as good a time as any - I'm four weeks into my first grow ever, and just kicking off my second! Both plants are feminized Blue Mystic autoflowers from Nirvana seeds. We'll call our girls Lapis and Peridot - Lapis because she too is a blue mystic...
  2. 420Troubador

    Completed First Grow - Advice Welcome

    Hi guys, I recently started growing my plant and I've noticed that the leaves have started to 'bow' down (see images below) and the plant doesn't seem to be getting any taller or the leaves growing anymore/as quickly. I believe it's because I accidently overwatered as the soil was too moist...
  3. T

    Abandoned First Timer - Blue Mystic Auto Nirvana - MH/HPS - Soil

    Ok started under 600watt mh lamp at 50percent then moved up each week now at 100percent as soon they flower going with hps I have a 4x2 tent ff nuts roots organic 2parts 1part light warrior for my soil I have gnats used gognats in watering and so far no more also today is day 16 gave them very...
  4. C

    Abandoned Carterhkrs' First Indoor Soil Grow - Blue Mystic, Northern Lights - 2013

    Hey everyone! Growing: 1 Blue Mystic (seedling stage) 3 Northern Lights (1 just sprouted, 1 in soil waiting on her to break grounds, 1 is still germinating, gonna put it in soil tomorrow) Set up: walk-in closet (bad idea - already realized, temp is a big concern, but decided to struggle...
  5. endive

    Cotyledon branching?

    I don't have a great deal of growing experience, but I have never seen this before. Thought it to be odd, leaves & branching growing from the cotyledon and stem union. Blue Mystic Auto (Fem), 13 Days old. Aero/DWC 230W LEDs So far she's the only 1 of 5 to show this trait.
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