1. Pure blunt

    Pure blunt

    Pressed blunt rolling paper free
  2. F

    Anyone use these baby tasers for blunts?

    Anyone use these tiny tasers for blunts? I mostly smoke blunts myself, and usually go with a good ol bic with some hemp cord to try to keep the taste pure. Does anyone know if this thing would keep the taste legit?
  3. S

    Wandering Tweed, The Beginning of the Only Traveling Rolling Paper Salesmen

    How it all started... Well, it started when I realized that after being kicked out of high school at the age of 14, spending the next 5 years in 2 rehabs, 1 wilderness program, a bootcamp for 23 months and 2 years of homelessness and beatnik hitchhiking, that the ONLY way for me to earn an...
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