1. Brass


    Willow Extract (WA) New Willow Brass Japanese Brown Rice Brass
  2. Armoracia rusticana

    Armoracia rusticana

    2 year old Horse reclaimed medium nutrition Mega Crop = great flowers
  3. S

    OSPCO SwitchPipe - New Switchblade Action Pipe

    Greetings. My name is Curt and I am new to this forum and I am here looking for feedback on a current project of mine. This will also be a review by me of my own pipe (OSPCO SwitchPipe) as there are currently only a few other people in possession of the pipe i'm reviewing, and considering i'm...
  4. M

    Screens - Brass or Stainless

    I have seen a variety of answers to the above question across various web sites and including 420M. So, I went to Wikipedia to see if they had any light to shed on the subject. Especially concerning the question as to whether Brass has any lead content and the danger from such an alloy...
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