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    Easy build 200 watt panel

    The new driverless/in-built driver COBS work great and lights are very easy to build. 50 watt chips make 200 watts of extra bright light. Total cost $84. Heat sink plaster is used to bond the chips to the heat sink, it's $1 per tube and covers at least one chip. On the 2nd panel I used half...
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    Bright yellow patch on tip of buds?

    Hi all new here hope your all well .i could do with a little advice i've dona bit of digging but can't find anything about it...anyway ive noticed a few buds have little bright yellow flecks/patches on the tips..will get photo any ideas what may cause this as want nip it in the bud lol 2 plant...
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    Few of my plants leaves have blue and bright purple spots on them - Is this normal?

    a few of my 5 week old auto berry's leaves has blue bright purple and bright green spots doing like a hologram effect when my led light is on. is this normal ? and if not what is causing it ? the spots happened 2 hours after I moved my led light closer to my plant. can it be light burn ? the...