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broken branch

  1. pingulay

    Damaged, broken plant: Will it survive?

    Hello friends. 2 month outdoor Jack Herrer Auto and photoperiod Damnesia (strainhunters). 2 days ago, i dont know what and why, but something broke all brenches and stem. Will it survive? I still have hope, because there is some survived nodes. Yesterday i water they with Floramicro...
  2. zip tie fix

    zip tie fix

    stem split fix
  3. Hemp Wick Stem Repair

    Hemp Wick Stem Repair

    Kind of a thing of beauty Organic Honey Natural beeswax Hemp Wick
  4. D

    How long to heal a broken branch?

    heres the deal.... about a month ago i topped all my plants to create 2 colas instead of 1. today i was bending the branches down when 1 of my top branches snapped about 60%-75% thru all the way down at the main stem.... so im gonna refrain from bending that set of branches for now but how long...
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