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    Todays brownie caramel serving for a buddy, he likes it Hehe.
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    Chocolate fudge brownie
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    Marijuana brownies dosage?

    Hi all, so I've smoke for a couple years now, and want to make edibles properly (I've done it badly before, still worked out ok though). This time however, I'm baking for a party of 12, now the group ranges from some experienced smokers like myself, and some newbies. I've seen so much...
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    Hi - I'm new around here and I've got a brownie question

    So i know i have to create the cannabis butter or oil before doing the mix, but my question is: Will 5gr be enough for a 6 person brownie?
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    Bud Brownies

    i was wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions on how to make them ? i already cook my weed in the butter and it works out pretty well but i was wondering if i should use a different type of weed because at the moment im using an ounce of regular greens to make 40 brownies...any feedback...
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    To use water or not to use water

    So I've been making brownies a lot recently. From scratch of course and using some delicious green butter. I was curious though, I have read people saying that they use water when making butter and people saying they don't. What do you think is the best way to do it and why? And do you think...
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    How much should you pay for weed brownies?

    I don't want to make it i wanna try it though how much should it usually cost? I know it varies but what's normal?
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