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bruce bangers

  1. IMG_20191204_215100.jpg


    Inside shot of Bruce banger
  2. IMG_20191111_184025.jpg


    Clones today off the Bruce banger keeper for @DeanWest89
  3. IMG_20191111_185104.jpg


    Stalk doing good on my Bruce mother . Gave her a good look today and opened her up a bit more.now I will try to get these to go north then flip soon
  4. IMG_20191031_200428.jpg


    Here is my mother in tent currently of I was to keep a plant it be the one Bruce banger . Excellent easy to train so far.
  5. IMG_20191018_070021.jpg


    Bruce banger roots day 8 veg need to transplant as soon as I get home Sunday I to 3 gal pots
  6. IMG_20191015_200444_1.jpg


    Pics don't really show it but there are alot of roots on day 6 veg this is Bruce banger by seedsman.
  7. IMG_20191006_171301.jpg


    Bruce bangers day 4 seedling stage .
  8. IMG_20191003_153022.jpg


    All four up and showing green first set of leaflets
  9. IMG_20190930_151811.jpg


    Two Bruce bangers in starting cups here we grow.
  10. KingJoe83

    King's Indoor Mars Hydro TSL2000 LED Cree Pink Kush, Blueberry, Bruce Banger Fems Coco

    Well this run I will be trying advanced nutrients pH perfect trio with GH cal mag 1-0-0 vodoo juice and enzyme cleaner time to time. Ph down ph pen ppm meter and tap water. I will be aiming for 4 -3 gal pots fabric with two one gal pots. Tent is vivosun 3x3x6 with a 12 inch oscillating fan...
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