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  1. Flybye

    FlyBye's - Bubba Chunk - Indoor - LED - Soil - Grow Journal

    Hello all. I'm starting this journal late as I just decided to join up and come out of the back ground. I will try to fill you in as best I can on where I'm at and what has transpired so far. so here is what I can recall. and btw thank you to all for your response. I have not grown sense the...
  2. Flybye

    New Southern Oregon Coast grower

    Hello all. I've been gleaming info from all you guys for months now behind the scenes. Very helpful! Thanx to all. Figured it's time to join up. Now that recreational weed is legal to grow in Oregon i figured I would try my hand at it again. I have not grown sense the 70s, yes, I said the 70s...