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    Hey! So, my last crop had about 2 plants that got some powdery mildew. I removed from the room so they wouldn't hurt any of my other plants. After about a week outside the grow room the mildew disappeared and I can't find any on the plants. I'm skeptical of drying and curing since mildew was...
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    Making bubble hash

    hey guys i compleatly forgot i had a shoe box full of sugar leaf an small buds but their all dyred out can i still use them even tho their not fresh ??
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    Bubble Bags - Quality Questions

    I would like to order a set of bubble bags off of Amazon. While looking at all of the options i noticed a wide price range in these bags. I have never used bubble bags before and i am not sure if there are any main factors that i would want my bubble bags to come with. Please let me know the...
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    First Harvest As We Speak! In Need Of Answers ASAP! Please and Thanks!

    hey guys after 4 months - i started harvesting my 4 plants. First of all i thank my parents who broght me to this green world, and the 420 people who helped me thru this. Looks like i have a very long night ahead of me.... some questions guys: here are pics of the first buds i trimmed...
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    Cheap Bubble Bags

    We now have a new brand of bubble bags, also called extractor bags, available at half price! Made by UltraGrow, these "Ultra" bags come in 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 20 Gallon and 32 Gallon :) Description: Bubble Bags (4 bag system) - UltraGrow Extractor bag system includes: Black 25 Micron Bag...
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    Bubble Hash Help

    I'm missing the #45 BAG for the bubble hash. I've double strained liquid at the # 90 bag level, but will not filter through a #25 or Coffee filter??? I've siphoned down the fluid to about 1.5 gallons, and trying to Evaporate, but this doesn't seem to be the best way...I'm sure that there is a...
  7. Aqua Lab Tech

    Aqua Lab Technologies video instructions for use in the Water Hash Separation Process

    Aqua Lab Technologies video instructions for use in the Water Hash Separation Process Full Version YouTube - Bubble Hash Washing Machine Process
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