budding cycle

  1. Liquid Nutrients

    Liquid Nutrients

    Flower Cycle Liquid Nutes
  2. Commando45

    Week 4 flower, bigger plants an unknown bagseed, just over 16 weeks old: 12/12 for 4 weeks smaller big nugs fast, 7 weeks old flower, 17 days

    How they looking, both lst'd, bagseed unknown had various branches topped one branch threw out 3 big colas
  3. M

    Support for big outdoor plants in rain storms

    High just joined and have a couple tips that will help from losing branches .I use 4 bamboo sticks around each hole and twist ties and sometimes use closeline tied off 15 ft high to trees with fishing line dropping down to support the high branches.If the buds are getting too soaked and...
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