1. Gsc bud rot/mildew

    Gsc bud rot/mildew

  2. Gsc bud rot/mildew

    Gsc bud rot/mildew

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    Bud rot for moon yours are just dark pistils
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    Is this safe to smoke?

    Well I picked this up from a dispensary a few days ago and my buddy is telling me that it is bud rot and is no good to smoke.....please help thanks
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    New grower wondering if he's completely fucked.

    So this is my first grow and ive been trying really hard to keep my babies happy but i think they may be ... done :< I'm afraid that one of them has gotten bud rot :< But i am not entirely sure and im here to ask some of the more experienced growers for their wisdom and advice. I have a GSC...
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