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  1. Ydro93

    Pls Help! Not sure what type of light to use

    Good evening 420 community! Recently one of my bulbs went out I have a lot of spares here at home but I’m not sure if they are what my girls need. Currently my plants are in veg stage i planted the seedlings in sept 30. I will post a picture of the light bulbs I have at home. I appreciate any...
  2. M

    Sunmaster Finishing Deluxe Metal Halide 600W 10K

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has used these bulbs? They are for the last two weeks and I have just put them in today. Shop tells me nothing but good things, what are your thoughts? Thanks
  3. S

    Hydro - 1000W Double Ended Bulbs - First Time Using

    :welcome: Whats up all!! Wanted to document my first run using DOUBLE ENDED (DE) bulbs. Now keep in mind that I am still somewhat a newb as well, but have some great help and guidance. So, hopefully things will go smoothly without too many hitches. Info.... 2x 1000W DE bulbs/wing reflectors...
  4. D

    Suppplemental lights used with HPS

    I use 400 watt HPS in a 2x4 tent. This is for flowering two plants at a time. What is a good choice for supplemental bulbs/lights? I have many CFL'S with a broad range of light spectrums. I heard once that HPS lacks some of the colors of the spectrum?