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  1. hazeluv69

    My calyxes contain seeds! Hermie?

    So I’m in late flowering I have 4 plants growing in coco and it seems all their calyxes which I mistook for pollen sacs (maybe they are ill attach pics ) but now I’m sure they are calyxes but they all contain really tiny seeds, just wondering how long the seeds take to form as I’m ready for...
  2. L

    Has anyone had droplets of sugar seeping from calyxs?

    Hello, has anyone seen or found dew sized droplets seeping from calyxs before? I found this in my auto NL...at first I seen the tiny droplet and questioned why I would have water up that high on the plant. So, me being a the curious George that I am I touched it and noticed its was viscous and...
  3. C

    Xperienced grower with a question

    'ello again everyone, listen, I just harvested my two ladies 9 days ago. Currently, the harvest from each plant is in its appropriate labeled jar for curing. I put the Indica dom. harvest in one jar and then the Sativa dom. harvest in the other jar and labeled them accordingly...
  4. C

    Calyxes swell.. but then seem to decrease in size.. normal?

    hey everyone listen, I've got a couple of questions and was hoping I had come to the right place to get the right answers to those questions. I've got two plants right now. I never grow more than 2 plants per grow as I only grow for my personal consumption. I don't sell what I grow...
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