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    How To - Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil - Step by Step

    Hi guys. In this short video, I demonstrate how to make cannabis infused coconut oil, simply and easily, at home. I tried to make it as short and as easy to follow as possible. This method is very easy, and anyone can master it in very little time. Let me know what you think! I am always open...
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    McLifted Sandwich

    Check out this bad ass sandwich using cannaoil That's my happy meal lol
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    Question About Making Edibles - MMJ - Canna Oil

    So I read that the cannabis to oil ratio is apporx 1g to 1 oz oil. How true is this? Also, if I'm using 24 grams trim(high quality, full of trichs), and mixed with 20 oz oil; would this be sufficient? Thanks for all input in advance.
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