caramel cream

  1. Renaissance Man

    Renaissance Man's First Official Grow: Blueberry OG, Gorilla Zkittles & Cream Caramel In Soil

    Welp, here it goes... Here is my first grow journal. My experience of growing only began this year in 2021 due to this pandemic and me working from home. I got a tent, a light, a fan some soil in a pot and a freebie seed and it is producing some very under-impressive herb. I have since bought...
  2. P

    Punchy's First Grow Autoflowers

    Hi everyone Brand new member and very very excited about my first grow. I'm looking forward for some good feedback and advice from everyone ^^ First off, this is my very first grow and all the seeds i've ordered are autoflowers. Completely indoor grow in my closet. Strains: Northern Lights La...
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