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    Abandoned Cookies And Blue Diesel From Seed - With Pictures

    Hey all, New member to the board but have relied upon the info here all through my first grow. This will be my second grow, having started with a dispensary clone of Strawberry Dream (Strawberry Cough x Blue Dream) kept organic start to finish. 12/9: Germinated 7 Cookies and 1 "Unknown"...
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    Abandoned Bagseed CFL - I Blame Obama

    I am a midwest college graduate with a long history of back pain, anxiety and depression. I need medicine, but thanks to this shitty economy I make slightly above 10/hr so I don't have much of a budget for weed. I am going to graduate school for behavioral neuroscience, and I intend to study...
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    Completed First Timer Getting Started

    Hello 4:20! I'm new to the forum but have been reading a lot. What a great place for information! As you will beable to tell this is pretty much my first attempt at growing. I had a couple horrible attempts in the past but after some reading, seen many errors on my behalf. I look forward to...
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