cfl lighting

  1. L

    Afghan Kush

    :420::cool:: My plant has been using 24 hour lighting using organic set up and has been growing from seed for about 2 weeks
  2. shadowman

    Shadowman's Ideal 420 Soil Grow 2014

    I'm starting my second grow journal with Ideal 420 Soil. I will have it up and running soon, I just need to gather my information and then I'll officially start the journal. Thanks to everyone that has made my time here at 420 Magazine so enjoyable and informative. I couldn't have gotten this...
  3. A

    do i have enough light? CFLs

    HI, Is 2x 300w red cfls and 1 250w blue cfl enough light to grow 10 autos? My grow room is 1.4m x1.4m 2m height. Autos are in 10l pots with a good soil / perlite mix using ruck 100l with rhino pro filter. I also have a 125w blue cfl but only the 3 reflectors so will start of with 2 blues 1...
  4. M

    First Time CFL Grow - Candyland - From Germination To Inhalation

    What's goin on! I am new to this community and to forums altogether. Throughout the past couple of months I have been doing some cannabis cultivating research and most of the time it lead me to forum posts on this specific website which were more than helpful. But without further ado, I give...
  5. shmeg

    Shmeg's LowRyder #2 - 4 Plant - 1st Hydro Grow - In Progress

    Greetings, I am already a week into my grow but I have fastidiously kept notes/photos in Note Master on my iPhone and decided to simply synch my notes with Google Drive. Therefore I am beginning at the beginning just to keep everything chronologically correct. Thank you for visiting my grow...
  6. C

    CFL use more or less?

    when flowering is it better to use more less or the same amount of cfl then you used during veg???
  7. WizHigh

    Are 54w T5 CFL any Good? Slow Growth or Fast Growth?

    I'm using 2x 22" 24w high output CFLs and soon will be upgrading to 4x 4ft 54w high output CFL. Right now have the light 4" above the canopy with th fan blowing above it. The plant is 2 and a half weeks old about 15" in height. I want it to be short and bushy, don't plan on LST atleast not on...
  8. L

    CFL Light Help

    I Have a total of 8 Light bulbs: 2k: 3-20w (1150 Lm/ea) 1-20w Spiral (1450 Lm) 6k: 1-20w (1150 Lm/ea) 3-15w Spiral (900 Lm/ea) And i have 1 plant right now, open space positioned in a corner. I would like to know how lights I should add, it is about 2-3 weeks old. How do I set up the lights...
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