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  1. M

    Sprout after two days

    Hi, I have sunk the seed 48 (+-) hours ago, after 24 hours i checked the the seed and i saw that the root is enough to move the the cube. today i checked the seed and it was sprouted! even with the first node. how it is possible to sprout so early (i dont have much experience. does anyone...
  2. Iguana Man

    Nutrient fortified water - Expiration date?

    I did a search but came up empty. Once you've added liquid nutes (CaliMagic & GH FloraGrow/Micro/Bloom) to your water, checked and adjusted the ph, can it be stored for several days without issue? PH would be checked and adjusted again before use but will the nutrients have lost any of their...
  3. F

    Help needed

    Can anyone help me and confirm what's wrong. I'm thinking it's due to ph fluctuations as I've checked the run off and it's quite low. Any help is much appreciated
  4. Preachforcure

    Crazy! Humidity and Temp Question

    OK so i'm trying to figure out where do I place my temperature and humidity sensor to check the Temp and Humidity in my grow closet.... I'm running a 600 watt LED and I have a 6" exhaust fan on low on high its rated at 450cfm but the grow closet total cubic footage is 6*3*2=36 cubic ft. 1.) If...
  5. D

    Help needed to id culprit of leaf damage

    Hi I am growing dr kipling incredible bulk in compost has onlt been under tube light so far as landlord doing work I my place so had to dismantle my grow tent. Noticed top leaves new growth seems to have something eating it checked underside of leaves and whple plant cant see no insects any...
  6. B

    Heat stress?

    Hey all, My grow room got warmer than normal last night and I think my plant is showing heat stress. The plant was leaning over to one side so I propped it up with stakes. Does it look like heat stress? I move the lamp (150w HPS) up a bit to 8" above the plant. Checked surface temps...