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  1. Ron Strider

    CA: This Former Rapper Now Crafts Cannabis-Infused Columbian Food

    As the cannabis industry transitions out of the grey market, there's rapidly-growing competition among entrepreneurs to create trusted brands that offer unique experiences. Rock Star Chefz, a cannabis cuisine company founded by Millie Fernandez, is no exception. Fernandez (aka Chef Milz) whips...
  2. Ron Strider

    Gala Feast Promotes 'Cannabis Cuisine' For The Curious

    Over the weekend, an unusual first-of-its-kind gala took place in Sonoma County where a remarkable gourmet meal was served at a secret location with a secret ingredient. More than 150 guests mixed and mingled in a redwood grove as they listened and grooved to live music performed by the...
  3. K

    Juicy J & Herbal Chef Chris Sayegh Cook Up Haute Cannabis Cuisine

    Juicy J holds a single flower with a pair of extra-long tweezers cautiously, as if the tiny bloom is a hunk of uranium. His hand seems to lilt ever so subtly, pulled to the right by three heavily studded gold rings. But the rapper gets it together and, at the last second, sticks the landing...
  4. R

    Aspen Chef Randy Placeres Prepares Fine-Dining Cannabis Cuisine

    Snacks like pot brownies and gummy bears have been around long before Colorado legalized marijuana. But what about a yellowtail crudo dish served with a warm ginger coconut sativa oil on top? Or a burrata and brie grilled cheese sandwich with prosciutto seared with cannabutter (that's butter...