coast of maine

  1. Keffka

    Keffkas Coast Of Maine Line, TLO/LOS Style, Bagseed, Indoor Grow

    Welcome to the newcomers and welcome back to the returning folks! I’m going to be launching a second grow with the same bagseed I sourced for my first grow that turned out excellent after a major intervention. All of the hardware will be the same, the area will be expanded, and the style will be...
  2. Advocate420

    Advocate420's 2019: 2 Plant Medical Grow

    Hello ! Going to try starting a fresh journal and attempt to expand on making it useful for myself and others. A little About Me: I started growing in the last couple years. I finally have my own space to use how I see fit now and without it effecting anyone else. I call it comfort :p. I am a...
  3. MassMedMan

    Welcome to the Mass Panty Party!

    Ok, much talked about, the time is now to start this next journal since today is 4/20 This will be a co journal or collaboration between yours truly, and Mr. Dutty Panty. Please, stand and give Mr. Panty a big round of applause.:bravo: The grow is this. Six plants, three strains. Mine are...
  4. MassMedMan

    what do you think of this soil mix, Coast of Maine. Stonington Blend

    I was in the local nursery with the intention of buying another ingredient for my soil mix for the indoor grow I plan this spring. Because, I need to get it cooking soon. I have almost a full bag of FFOF, plus the two added ingredients I put in my soil mix for my current grow. (Ancient Forest...
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