1. Ron Strider

    IA: Even With New Medical Cannabis Law, Advocates Still Frustrated

    Last legislative session, Iowa lawmakers passed a bill that set the stage for medical marijuana production and distribution throughout the state and added to the list of illnesses that would make patients qualify for a perscription. Much to her dismay, Grimes resident Katie Krug's condition...
  2. Z

    Colitis Ulcerosa - Need advice

    Hello from Poland :) Guys in my family i have child 3 old which have serious healt problem , which is colitis ulcerosa . Unfrotunetly any form off cannabis is prohibited in Poland ,i want help and cultivate base to make oil . I need advice which strain will be the best to fight with...
  3. B

    Is Medical Marijuana Right For Me (and maybe you)?

    This week I decided to look into medical marijuana as a replacement for several medications that I'm currently taking and as a possible therapy for leveling out my mood swings from depression to manic happiness to rage. I would like to use this forum to track everything related to the journey...
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