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  1. Gary from The Vault

    Happy Halloweed: Win Some Seed Plus 13% off All Beans!

    Dankness falls across the land: For the time of 4:20 is close to hand. Creatures crawl in search of bud-o-so-green: That’s right buddy, it’s Halloween or Halloweed as we say here in the Vault Towers. Check out our Spooktacular offer for this years Halloweed! It’s Trick or Treat time here at...
  2. Gary from The Vault

    Extra Free Seed At The Vault For All Orders Over £50

    We've just launched a new month long promo; 'Don't be Thrifty - Spend 50'. Essentially, if you spend £50 with the Vault you get two free seeds at the moment. We are upping the game with the addition of an RQS NL Auto bringing it up to 3 free seeds (+more if you go over £100 and then £200). We...
  3. T

    Eagle claw and leaves curling down

    Hi dear growers, I have an auto fem. sativa Chrystal Meth , one month old from germination. In the beginnign of 4th week, I noticed leaves are curling down and tips are like eagle clawn. 2X105W (2X525W) 5500K CFL , 11 Lt pot, COMPO SANA COMPACT soil. First 2 weeks in BioBizz Light Mix. Than...