1. Gary from The Vault

    Extra Free Seed At The Vault For All Orders Over £50

    We've just launched a new month long promo; 'Don't be Thrifty - Spend 50'. Essentially, if you spend £50 with the Vault you get two free seeds at the moment. We are upping the game with the addition of an RQS NL Auto bringing it up to 3 free seeds (+more if you go over £100 and then £200). We...
  2. T

    Eagle claw and leaves curling down

    Hi dear growers, I have an auto fem. sativa Chrystal Meth , one month old from germination. In the beginnign of 4th week, I noticed leaves are curling down and tips are like eagle clawn. 2X105W (2X525W) 5500K CFL , 11 Lt pot, COMPO SANA COMPACT soil. First 2 weeks in BioBizz Light Mix. Than...