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  1. Ron Strider

    Australia: Medical Cannabis Supplier To Fight Charges

    An Adelaide woman charged with drug offences over the supply of medicinal cannabis has vowed to continue to fight the allegations and continue her campaign for wider access to the drug. Jenny Hallam appeared in Adelaide Magistrates Court on Tuesday charged with possessing cannabis and...
  2. Ron Strider

    Cuba Urges US To Continue Cooperation On Drug Trafficking

    Cuba has urged the US authorities to continue bilateral cooperation against drug trafficking. At a press conference on Thursday, Antonio Ibarra, Secretary of Cuba's National Drug Commission, said cooperation between the two nations had increased substantially after the implementation of a...
  3. K

    NV: Will Pot Offenders Still Get Prosecuted Once Question 2 Is Law?

    Reno, Nev. - Nevada prosecutors disagree on whether to continue prosecuting low-level marijuana offenders now that Question 2 has passed and recreational marijuana will be legal in January 2017. Reno City Attorney Karl Hall said he agrees with the Clark County District Attorney's office...
  4. K

    AZ: Campaign Team Vows To "Continue To Fight For Sensible Policy Reform" For Cannabis

    Phoenix - The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol released a statement Tuesday acknowledging the defeat of Prop 205, but vowed the election result would not "close the book" on marijuana prohibition in Arizona. Though ballots are still being counted, CRMLA said at last check the...
  5. D

    Time To Flush?

    Hello All, This is my first grow and based on my research I want to start flushing 10 days before harvest. From the pictures does it look like I'm 10 days away from harvesting, or should I hold off and continue to feed for another week or two? Plant 1: Plant 2: Plant 3: