1. B

    Day 14, seedlings are slow-growing and cotyledons are looking unhappy: Help?

    Hi all, This is my first post and my first grow. I have 4 seedlings of Special Queen #1. Seeds were germinated by paper towel method. Due to a lack of light, some strecthing was occuring during first week of growth. A few days ago I transplanted the seedlings into larger pots, burying part of...
  2. C

    My cotyledon curled inwards when I repotted my 4-day old sativa seedling

    Hello. I am a first-time grower and I would like to seek help regarding my sativa seedling. The first few days were fine until I decided to depot. Any tips on how could I improve my plant's current situation? And what lighting schedule should I try to follow in an indoor setting? Thank you.
  3. 231Grower303

    GSC Tri-cotyledon: Any New Info?

    Recently had a GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) seedling produce a tri-cotyledon. Have seen a lot of mixed reviews as to what this might mean. Heard it can be a good thing, and could produce higher yields, THC, etc. But, have also heard the mutation could be bad and cause hermies. Hoping it's good luck...
  4. M

    Burned cotyledon tips

    I have a 4 days old seedling and I have found this morning its cotyledon tips burned. What could be the problem? No nutrients added so far.
  5. cbgb

    Is she going to be ok?

    strain ~ indica / fem this seedling threw its seed cap but left all of the membrane on the left cotyledon leaf and a small piece of membrane on the right cotyledon leaf. i have grown with only 1 cotyledon before. what you see in the middle of the two cotyledon leafs is what i call its first...
  6. G

    Torn cotyledon from removing seed husk?

    my seedling has been emerged from the soil for around 3-4 days now. It still has the husk attached to it and seems to growing taller than usual. Out of concern i removed the husk as gently as possible. It was really stuck on there quite tight. upon getting it off I noticed i could smell a fresh...
  7. G

    Cotyledon leaves curved up

    hi, big time noob here and first time grower. i have 2 plants 1 week old. 4 40w 5000k cfls 1inch away with reflective material throughout grow area. 1 small fan not hitting plants directly. using fox farms ocean forest soil. I had an issue with humidity(not enough) causing the seed shell to...
  8. JuicyK404

    Cotyledon Growing Upward?

    Hello 420 magazine world! Not sure if this is a problem or if I'm just worrying too much but I have a seedling at 4 days old and the cotyledon are growing up toward the light. This morning they were fine and by the end of the day it looks like this now and not sure if the light is too intense...
  9. P

    My plant that sprouted yesterday sprouted with a cotyledon leave curled

    My plant sprouted yesterday with one of its cotyledon leaves curled up and the plants color is dark green, is this normal ? and if not what do i do to fix it ?
  10. endive

    Cotyledon branching?

    I don't have a great deal of growing experience, but I have never seen this before. Thought it to be odd, leaves & branching growing from the cotyledon and stem union. Blue Mystic Auto (Fem), 13 Days old. Aero/DWC 230W LEDs So far she's the only 1 of 5 to show this trait.
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