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    pH & other sensor monitoring using Datadog

    I do server monitor type stuff as an occupation and I have recently been introduced to a monitoring service called Datadog. They have a free offering up to 5 servers, so it's easy to get started with them. Anyways I had the idea to use their service to create some dashboards to monitor pH /...
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    Newbie nutrient PPM question on GH Flora Series & Botanicare

    I'm about to do my first grow in a 4x3 tent with a Mars 192 Reflector LED light. I will probably use a CFL for the first few weeks and switch to the LED after the plants are established. I plan to use GH Flora series 3 part nutes with Floralicious Plus, KoolBloom, RapidStart, ArmorSi, Cal...
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    When do you start your week count?

    I know to some it is a minor question but when do you start your week count. I have googled it and can't seem to find a definitive answer. Do you start the count from the time time you put them under your lights on the 18/6 cycle even though they may have been germinating for 7-10 days...