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  1. Remo Nutrients

    Remo Nutrients Official Discussion Thread

    Hi Everyone, We're opening this thread up for anyone who has questions, would like to post pictures of their grows, or has any other questions relating to Remo Nutrient's products. As members of 420 Magazine, we're offering 20% off all store items when you use the promo code 420MAG20. This...
  2. Vulx

    Additional 15% Forum Member Discount On All Vulx Orders Until Apr 22

    Grow More with Less. On top of the 10% special currently available, 420Mag forum members will get an additional 15% off any order until April 22. Coupon Code To get your discount, use the following code once you've added your items to the cart: Earth Day 50% of all retail profits starting...
  3. B

    Here's a coupon code for Mars hydro website

    Mars Hydro LED - the Best Solutions for Horticulture and Indoor Plants It's a very small percentage off, but hey it's something! :) promo code: COFINEST Happy Growing! :green_heart:
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