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  1. P

    Crown Royal & Purple OG Kush Grow Log - 100% Germination - TY CKS!

    New to the forum but ive been doing so well with CKS genetics i wanted to pay homage and respect and do a little follow along with this grow...i do a organic soil indoor grow in a space about 6'x6' 8' foot high....400 watt hps and led preflower....3 days ago i dunked 3 crown royal fem and 3...
  2. Ron Strider

    Bermuda: Cannabis Smuggler Has Jail Sentence Cut

    A woman jailed for importing cannabis has had sentence reduced by eight months – but the court refused a request to increase the sentence of a second woman for drugs offences. Valisa Holder appealed against a 2½-year sentence imposed in Magistrates' Court, while the Crown asked to have the...
  3. H

    Crown Royale Feminized - 2017 - Time-lapse 1

    Hows it going everyone! Started my grow not too long ago and decided to setup a camera for a time-lapse, hope you enjoy. Time period is from March 14 2017 to March 29 2017 I plan to make more in the future, and some better close up pictures of the final product when I get my new lens.
  4. H

    Crown Royale Feminized - Crop King Seeds - 2017

    2x Crown Royale - Crop King Seeds - Feminized Strain Information Strain: Crown Royale Feminized Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica Flowering Time: 9 Weeks THC 21% CBD: 2.10% CBN: 0.17% Country: Canada Genetics: Blueberry X Purple Kush Yield: up to 500gr indoor/400gr outdoor Grow Information...