1. TriangleCheese

    Trianglecheese makes tasty dabs: Join me with your interesting extracts

    Greetings fellow growers, I love the feeling when I hit something really hard and tasty like a fine extract. I love smoking nugs but extracts have always been my first choice. I had Blue Gelato 41 and Pink Kush on my last grow and both strains turned out pretty amazing. My Pink Kush plant...
  2. sheepleschism

    What's wrong with this dispensary weed?

    So I bought 1/4 White Urkel, 1/8 Kromes the White, and 1/8 Grape Ape in De Beque, Colorado. Also got some "CO2 Crumble" and 3g "Caviar". All of the flower was "top shelf" $115/qtr. It' fantastic LOOKING bud covered in hairs and crystals but is spongy instead of dry and crumbly. It doesn't...
  3. G

    Extract-Liquid Review EjMix VS VapeurExtract

    Hey All, Been here for a long time just never really posted anything. So i did a review on my down time and decided to let you all know what I found out. Vaproizers aren't a new thing on the market, it isn't guranateed as to how safe they are BUT we can usually tell by the 3rd day of...
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