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  1. sheepleschism

    What's wrong with this dispensary weed?

    So I bought 1/4 White Urkel, 1/8 Kromes the White, and 1/8 Grape Ape in De Beque, Colorado. Also got some "CO2 Crumble" and 3g "Caviar". All of the flower was "top shelf" $115/qtr. It' fantastic LOOKING bud covered in hairs and crystals but is spongy instead of dry and crumbly. It doesn't...
  2. G

    Extract-Liquid Review EjMix VS VapeurExtract

    Hey All, Been here for a long time just never really posted anything. So i did a review on my down time and decided to let you all know what I found out. Vaproizers aren't a new thing on the market, it isn't guranateed as to how safe they are BUT we can usually tell by the 3rd day of...
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