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  1. Gardenseed

    Ebb & Flo advice needed

    Got my first edd and flo but I've yet to decide how long between water cycles (flooding bucket). Any advice would be greatly appreciated:Namaste::Namaste:
  2. Jacobsenji

    Long time outdoors - First time in - I need a lil' know-how

    I am using CFLs, T5's and LEDs. 18-6. Can I turn off all but LEDs for six hours during cycle and what negative effects would or could this have ? I am aware of losing wattage and intensity output. Any knowledge is appreciated. P.s. How in hell do you attach pics to posts ?
  3. M

    Question about Timers

    I have a small 2 plant grow project going on right now and I'm ready to start my 12/12 cycle. Only problem is my work hours will keep me from being able to turn the lights on/off on time everyday. I've been looking at timers but I am terrified of electicity and would like a dependable and...
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