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    Cyprus: Cypriot Soap Maker Chips Away At Cannabis Taboo

    An unconventional local businessman is breaking taboos in Cyprus and Europe, making organic soaps with cannabis oil which are becoming more of a no-brainer household item. Writer and handmade soap maker Andreas Ioannou spoke to Offsite.com.cy news about his business in making and selling...
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    Medical Cannabis Coming To Cyprus

    Cancer patients in advanced stages will finally get a chance to relieve their pain, following confirmation from the Health Ministry that medical cannabis will be given to those who applied and got approved for the hash oil. Health Minister George Pamboridis told the media that the cannabis...
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    White Widow & Fruit Auto - No Frills Grow!

    Hello there fellow growers. Ok, so I am growing 4 white widow in a no frills grow....basically all I have is a 250w light. They are just grown in soil bought from the garden centre. The only nutes I have been using is a bottle that is meant for roses. I have no temperature or...