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  1. Bubbaman

    My do si dos clone 8 weeks flower

    Week 8 of flower just wanted to she how she’s going. Feed back would be great thanks. This is now my 7th grow. I received this plant as a clone. Just harvested 3 white widow plants about 2 months ago. Last 4 photos are my white widows after dry and cure
  2. Bubbaman

    My week 8 Do Si Dos

    My week 8 flowering do si dos plant I have growing check it out
  3. Bubbaman

    Week 7 flower strain: Do Si Dos

    On week 7 now of flower just wanted to post couple pics of the girl. Do si dos is the strain got it as a clone from a friend.
  4. karels-dank-hanfsamen-regular-cannabisseeds-weed-pot.jpg


    Super Sativa Seed Club Old - incredible great danky strain
  5. J

    Lil auto grow

    Hi im new , soooo grew some of the lesser known breeders genetics this is a victory seeds auto super mazar not the worst i've tried probably could have done better if i lst'd and topped her but she looked weak in the 1st couple weeks , shes in my main grow room with some other photo periods had...
  6. 88253794_570517433550067_5133654154119479296_n.jpg


  7. 20180604_113518.jpg


    Sativa hybrid day 1 of week 6 into the flowering period
  8. 4D7AC7DE-9F68-4DAC-9548-8A1AEF98CFF7.jpeg


    Headband Larry aka sour kush
  9. T

    Thacrunkking's 1st RDWC Grow

    As the title says this is my first ever hydroponic grow :circle-of-love: What strain is it? 2x Afghani 2x Grape Stomper Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? All four are Sativa Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg at the moment, started them from clones. If in Veg... For how...
  10. G

    Budget Dank Outddor Seeds Growing Indoors

    High :) ! LOL! hey wussup everybody! This is GanjaHead im growing some dank outdoor seeds right now. I got them in styrofoam cups with drainage holes at the bottom and the medium in which i am using is Fox Farm Ocean Forest. This is just a straight forward grow i am going to be getting a 400...
  11. Dank Budz

    16 Strains, 4 Grows, Cross your fingers!

    Hello I am new to 420mag, this is my first journal, lets help each other. Ok so I actually have 19 different strains at work right now. But 3 are going to be leaving the garden soon. Strains: White Widow Maui Wowie Black Frost Frosty Wreck Auto Blueberry x Auto Ak47 Thai Super...
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