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  1. janeschmoe9

    Using Oven Bags For Decarboxylation

    I hope someone can clarify? When I use an oven bag to decarboxylate do I cut slits in the bag as directed or just close it with a tie as directed?
  2. P

    Decarboxylating at low temp - 70C - with food dehydrator

    Hi, I popped my dry weed in a food dehydrator to make sure it really was dry, with intention to put it in the oven (at 115 C) afterwards for decarboxylation. But then started to wonder if maybe the dehydrator, which runs at 70 C would decarb it eventually. I read that it will, but after reading...
  3. Preachforcure

    Decarboxylate RSO In Pressure Cooker

    Hi Everyone, I had this thought today...I have read so much about how to decarboxylate RSO and that the temp that it should be done at is around 240 to 250 degrees for 30 minutes... The problem i have seen in many post is the inconsistency in keeping that temp, but it can be done pretty easy as...