1. F

    Help needed - Blueberry soil grow - Pic

    Hello fellow growers! I been growing in soil for 5 crops but never had this problem before. Soil im using is biobizz all mix and been watering with ph 6-6.5 water only. she grew very well at beginning but then after 4 weeks growth slowed and plant turned very light yellowish. not frispy leaf...
  2. jimmyclone

    Can someone identify this deficiency? Please

    Im about 8-9 weeks in on some autos, everything has been great, until i noticed the start of a deficiency on a couple of the bottom leaves. Lightening around the viens. I have the deficiency chart but cant seem to nail down the exact cause.. Its only happening on the one plant. U can check...
  3. Mike Mann

    Help with discoloured leaves with pics

    hi all, ive gained heaps of knowledge from all the advice from this site. but now i have a question regarding my girls. Someone asked me why 1 single plant in a grow box of 6 has these odd coloured leaves. All the others are as healthy as could be. please any help would be appreciated.
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