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    Is it possible anyone smoking cannabis needs detox? Then how about food?

    In my humble opinion, I don't know of any situation in which a person smoking cannabis,needs detoxification. How addictive is food? If the individual is addicted to pleasure, maybe but that is not detoxification but reorientation of the mind to what is important in life. The closest I came...
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    Unique Detox Situation: Please Help

    I am in a unique situation. I have spent the entire day searching every corner of the internet for advice on my situation, and have decided to turn here for advice. Please don't give me any responses telling me to quit doing drugs... I have and I have no intention of consuming any more for an...
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    Ive been trying to detox for 2 weeks now (water, cran juice, niacin, working out etc) ive taken 3 home drug tests and failed all of them. i have been smoking heavily for the past year probably 2 days a month at most without smoking. i got caught up in a bs conspiracy charge and now i have to...
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