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    Minor dilution failed me

    People always ask about dilution,,so here is my story on failure. I was employed at the time so it really wasn't that big of a deal,but it still sucked!!! I had a test at quest,, pre employment About 2 years ago ,,passed sub with no problems,, temp was perfect,but from here it goes all...
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    Help with drug test coming up

    Please help I been clean for 28 days before my test 5 10 and 250lbs took 4 home tests 3 out of 4 were pass last one was with dilution and barely visible line and I mean barely if I fail this test I go to prison
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    Can't decide what to do after dilution fail at labcorp

    Hi, I took drug test this Monday for pre employment drug screen, and the result came back as dilution. So, I'm gonna have to retake it tomorrow, but I can't decide if I should do substitution or just use my urine. I've been clean for 23 days now and I only smoked for a month before that. I...
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    Creatine & Specific Gravity & Exercise - Test in Two Days

    Hey! My questions: 1. Is there a good estimate for how much creatine I should be taking if trying to dilute? 2. I don't fully understand what specific gravity is and how I can prepare for it, so I could use help with that. 3. Should I abstain from training/exercise? 4. Any other...
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    Help! Drug Test in 3 Hours!

    Okay I'll try to keep this short. I just found out, I have to take a drug test in three hours. I cannot leave to go get anything because my job won't let me leave. I smoked on Tuesday (today is Friday) and ate an edible. I had a friend call the lab (Concentra) to ask about synthetic urine...
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    Pre-employment for walgreens, tomorrow

    I've been soooo stupid. Got laid off (thank you economy), been looking for a job, got discouraged and started smoking again.... Well now I have an interview, tomorrow. My smoking habits have been pretty light compaired to what they have been in the past. A few hits on the weekends. Last...
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