diy self watering container for plants

  1. Sprouts With Wicks

    Sprouts With Wicks

    I fed the wicks into the potting soil with the bbq skewer and left them soaking in the water. Each pot has one wick. The pots were raised off the reservoir by a cake rack.
  2. Swick Grow

    Swick Grow

    20 L Cloth bags of soil on perlite wick.
  3. Starter Seedling Swick

    Starter Seedling Swick

    Starter pots of soil on perlite wick.
  4. Azimuth

    SIP Club - Getting Hydro/Coco Results In A Soil Based Medium

    Welcome to SIP Club! There are an increasing number of us growing in SIPs (Sub Irrigated Planters) so I thought I'd start a community thread where we can all post pictures, links to our various SIP threads and have general discussions on theory and application of these incredible pots. I'll...
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