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    Kooks DNA Feminized Kushberry & Rocklock Grow Journal

    :welcome: havent been on for years. got some extra time on my hands during this grow so why not document for the masses. i picked up 6 feminized Dna Genetics kushberry (ogkushXoregon blueberry) and 6 rocklock(rockstarXwarlock) germed 3 each in separate glass cups of purified water.within a...
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    Lotus' No Till Garden! - DNA Genetics' Golden Berry - LED - Flowering

    hey guys:) i come to you bearing a flowering journal! Soil: easy bake mix from reindeer naturals with added rock dusts. Light: platinum led P450 Area: 4x4 amazon tent with 6 inch vortex sline fan and a carbon filter. there is a humidifier in the corner that keeps the rh% at 50-60 percent...