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    Perpheal Neuropathy and Trigiminal Neuralgia

    Hello, I'm definitely new to cannibus. I REALLY need any advice you can give I'm suffering from Neuropathy. I need relief desperately. What do you suggest. Oil or tincture. I need the strongest most effective. Also, can anyone explain to me when a botle sayd 20-1.what does this mean? I'm so...
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    DWC pH and PPM dropping?

    I am running DWC and I am 30 days into veg now. The ph and ppm keeps dropping I know if your ppm drops and Ph goes up or stable you add more nutes but what do you do if ph and ppm drops. I am using GH nutes yesterday I gave 600ppm and ph was 5.9 - 6.0 this morning I checked and was 511ppm and...
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    Drops of moisture on leaves?

    Hi all, I have noticed something unusual on my plants. Occasionally, I see drops of clear moisture on leaves that are higher up on the plant. I have tasted these drops and there is no taste. At this stage, I am growing using a hydroponic system. BUT, it would be absolutely impossible for...
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    Very different pH readings?

    Hi, I have PH indicator drops and that simple PH meter with one node that does not need calibration. Big difference in readings. Drops are like a year old... would that impact the way they work? Should meter at all be used to measure water PH? I have AD12 coming in next week but...
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    Canasol eye drops needed

    I suffer from Glacouma .Can anyone tell me how purchase Canasol eye drops made from Cannabis it ?? Or a Doctor who will prescribe it ? Thank you , Moriah
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    PH test liquid

    I accidentally feed my plant with this liquid 3 drops in 4L water will my plant die?