drug test results

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    Had to dilute pee that my brother gave me to beat drug test - Will it damage results?

    There wasn't enough time for him to squeeze out more, I was already running late to the drug screening. He only gave me about a couple ounces... BUT, I should mention my brother drinks absolutely no water (he refuses to, he's autistic and it's just one of his odd characteristics) when I first...
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    I need some assurance! Help!

    I was just recently randomly drug tested as part of my federal probation. My office administers urine drug tests. After I took the test, the woman who gave it to me waited for the instant results on the side of the cup. After a minute or so, she instructed me to dump the sample out and throw the...
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    I cant believe I passed my drug test

    Ok so here it is, I can't guarantee this will work for you since we are all different but I passed my drug test after exactly seven. That's right SEVEN days of smoking pot. No I did not use someone's urine and no I didn't use some fancy detox kit. Just some general info I'm a pretty tall guy...
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    My experience with saliva drug test

    Ok so I got an interview with "A company" they use saliva testing... So I went in on a Tuesday at 4 pm, I smoked at around 4 pm the day before on Monday... When they told me I was going to be taking a drug test I simply said I forgot my ID. This bought me some time as I was allowed to "go and...
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