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    Controlling Temperature in DS60 Tent

    Hope everyone is well! I am using a DS60 tent with a 250w hps. Have set up a bubble pot and have 2 fans in the tent. Running a TT extractor and getting negative pressure. The problem I have is the heat being too high. I have tried all sorts with this setup but still getting temps 38oc at...
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    Abandoned Mini-SoG - CFL - HPS - Powder Feeding - Soil

    Mini-SoG - CFL - HPS - POWDER FEEDING - Soil: :welcome:ive just startet a new Sog project with different strains to test the Green house seeds Companys Powder feeding. The plants are around 1 week old only feeded with ph adjust water. Now to the setup: Growtent: DS60 (laid down) Light: 2x135w...
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    LED Panel Suggestion/Advice for Secret Jardin DS60

    Hello, I used to grow with HID lights (250W) HPS+MH Philips bulbs with Lumatek dimmable ballast in grow tent Secret Jardin Dark Street 2 (60x60x150 cm) or (24x24x60 inches) for US :) I was growing 4 photo period plants under the SCRoG. (there use to be a lot of mess there but i like that way)...
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